Currently Reading: All the Missing Girls

Talk about suspense. (No spoilers, just excitement.) All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda was everything I had hoped and more. The story had me gripped from page one. Lately, I haven’t been as active of a reader as I used to be, or would like to be, but I decided to pick up this…

The Witch

The witch lurked behind a set of tall, thick trees. Hiding.  Hiding from the burly lumberjack sent to kill her. She knew his axe could swing out at her at any moment. That powerful piece of metal could sense her magic. He could sense her magic. And her fear. Her little red book of spells…

Was It a Dream?

It’s as if his imagination were leaking into reality. He had dreamt about those creatures. He would never want to see them in the daylight—they haunted his nightmares.

A Classic Look

While on the hunt for some cute and comfy clothes for work, I stumbled upon the most wonderful skirt at Forever 21.  This Contemporary Grid Skirt was exactly what I was looking for! I adore midi skirts- not only are they adorable and chic, they’re incredibly comfortable and timeless. You will never not get compliments on an…

A New York Spring

Spring in New York is magical. Flowers are blooming, the weather is warming, and the sights are as beautiful as ever.

Currently Reading: Yes Please

I’ve been wrapped up in the hilarity that is Amy Poehler, and you should be too. Here are 10 things everyone should take away from reading Yes Please. (Still read the book though!)

The Perfect On-The-Go Breakfast

I’m always looking for healthy breakfast ideas I can grab in the morning and run out the door with- I’ll definitely be trying these out!

A Distressed Look

Lately, I’ve been all about ripped jeans. It’s so fun to mix distressed and polished, or just look a little less put together sometimes. You need that after a long work week 😉 . I wanted to share some of my favorite ripped jean outfits with you. And where did I get my favorite pair…

My Work Closet

Like most people, my work clothes and everyday clothes are very different. For work, I have professional clothes (which I try to add a fun flair to) and my everyday clothes are much less… um.. preppy. For young people going out into the workforce, it’s important to have appropriate clothes, but they can get so costly! I wanted to share some of my favorite, inexpensive finds for work.

TOMS Cutie Booties

These wonderful, wonderful TOMS Women’s Majorca Peep Toe Bootie are tippity top of my wish list. The booties come in many, many different colors (21 I believe on Amazon), so you’ll be sure to find one to match your style.   I don’t own a pair yet (as I said, big time wish list item—Oxblood Perforated…