A Forever 21 love affair 

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I’ve had my eye on skirts lately. Jean skirts have been popping up everywhere and I was dying for a cute little spring skirt to pair with t-shirts, crop tops, jackets… I needed a skirt guys.

Low and behold, Forever 21 never disappoints.

Looking for that adorable leaf tee? It also comes in birds and Saturns. Saturn tee is next on my list👌🏻 . (I can’t find the leaf tee, but enjoy the other two!)

This adorable sage green skirt can be found here, and you can also grab it with buttons instead of a zipper, if buttons are your jam, here. (They’re mine, I’ll also be getting the skirt with buttons.)

This outfit was so fun and comfortable, also I’m obsessed with this new bag from Target. Over the shoulder or on your arm, it adds such cute detailing! It’ll be coming to New York with me in April, very excited!

Apparently, the bag is no longer on their site, so here are some other cute dusty pink-ish bags that are perfect for Spring!

Summer Goddess Backpack

Tote/ Crossbody Bag with tassel detailing

Womens Pouch with tassel detailing



@elyssawrites and @feedingmysole for a fun shoe-stagram!


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  1. Molly says:

    You are too cute.


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