Fall in Florida

Oh, the weather

Fall in Central Florida (Orlando) is one big guessing game. It can be brutally hot, have an occasional breeze or be freezing cold one random day of the week. This all makes fall fashion a bit tricky at times. You can download as many weather apps as you want but they’re always only partially correct, as I said… a guessing game (although chances are it’s hot.)

Fall fashion 

I love the idea of fall fashion and very much miss when I was younger and actually experienced cold and snow in New York. But, on this November day in Orlando, it’s about 80 degrees and very sunny. I try to incorporate fall staples into my wardrobe in the desperate hope that the temperature drops to the 70s or high 60s if we’re lucky. 

It’s cold in the mornings here if you’re up early for work and very hot in the afternoons. The goal is finding outfits that incorporate layers for a smooth transition from cold mornings to warm afternoons back to cold again at night. An outfit to stand the test of a Florida day. 

This work dress can easily go from a chilly morning with a cute long sweater to a hot afternoon (sans sweater). The sweater can also dress-down the outfit and make it more casual to run from work to class or out to dinner with a friend. 

Finding simple pieces that become extraordinary when paired with other simple pieces is the goal. Having a closet full of “outfit-halves” that you can mix and match creates endless fashion possibilities!

Let me know what pieces take you from day to night through changing weather!

~ Elyssa

IG: @elyssawrites 💕


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