A Spontaneous St. Petersburg Getaway

A spontaneous trip was put in motion by my boyfriend on July 2nd, to leave on July 3rd. Day of, we packed one days worth of clothes in a duffel and hit the road. About two hours later, we arrived in St. Petersburg by the water, with no place to stay. We eenie-meanie-minie-mo-ed a hotel and looked up where to go for dinner. After an intensive Google search, we decided on what turned out to be the most incredible hole in the wall crab shack, Crab Shack (aptly named.) After many delicious plates of blue crab claws and oysters we drove out to the pier for an unbelievably romantic end to the night, overlooking the ocean at sunset.

The next morning we woke up early with The Dali Museum in mind. We scavenged for coffee, then realized we definitely needed food before we hit the museum. A local told us about The Hangar which is a restaurant atop a private airplane terminal on the edge of Tampa Bay. The American cuisine was exactly what we were looking for, something to suit all appetites. After we ate we headed to the museum, located conveniently across the street. First we went to the Salvador Dali side, then the Horst P. Horst side. After the galleries, we enjoyed the outdoor garden which had beautiful greenery, a maze and a wishing tree.

Photo Jul 03, 2 48 29 PMPhoto Jul 03, 2 59 00 PMPhoto Jul 03, 3 03 20 PMPhoto Jul 03, 3 04 17 PM

Photo Jul 03, 3 05 40 PMPhoto Jul 03, 3 12 16 PM

Later on, we explored downtown and after our wallets couldn’t handle anymore adventuring, we headed back to Orlando. Even just two days away was an amazing break from reality, and much needed this summer. Can’t wait to decide where we’ll explore next!


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