Gatorland Orlando

I recently got the opportunity to visit Gatorland with the company, Visit Orlando, that I am currently interning with. We went to shoot a video for Visit Orlando’s ‘Only in Orlando’ series. The video is here, and you should really check it out (and visit Orlando!)

Gatorland was extremely kind and accommodating. We met incredible staff members who were especially knowledgeable and really care about the animals in the park. As we winded through the (much larger than anticipated) park, we came across more alligators than I ever care to encounter in the future, unless of course I’m at Gatorland, which I definitely will be again. We were taken inside the turtle enclosure and met a 100-year-old turtle that we got to pet!

  Our tour guide even got him moving which was an unbelievable thing to watch.

Next, we headed over to the zip-line where one of my supervisors got to coast above alligators and crocodiles. The zip-line is 1,200 feet long and glides over some pretty beautiful (and gator-filled) sights.

Later, we got to see all of the shows the park puts on. For the first one, Upclose Encounters, the guys in the show pulled me up on stage and told me to close my eyes and they would put a small animal in my hand. To my extreme misfortune, it was my biggest fear, a tarantula! (You can watch me use all the strength and willpower I had not to drop it and scream in the video linked above.) We also got to see a gator wrestling show which was pretty crazy.


This is the Visit Orlando team holding a boa at the Upclose Encounters show.



Gator Wrestling Show

Before we left, we were able to catch the Gator Jamparoo Show, which is a contest to see which of two men can get their gators to jump the highest to grab the food.


Jumparoo Show


The day was amazing and the staff was truly incredible. It’s definitely a park you shouldn’t miss in Orlando!
~ Elyssa


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  1. duckhunter1 says:

    wow need to go back how did you get in the turtle enclosure?


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