A Student’s Best Ally

When in college, the best thing you can do (besides studying, making memories and trying to get work experience) is seeking out professors that can give you real world advice and help when you need a second opinion. This is much easier when you go to a smaller school or if you’re in a small or restricted major, but no matter the circumstance find a way to make it happen. Finding a teacher you feel comfortable asking advice from is a big deal. All teachers want to help their students, but finding a connection with someone in the field you desire, whose brain you can pick is a huge bonus.

Sometimes the teacher who runs the program and is the most involved with students isn’t your best option as they are often bogged down with responsibilities or focus mainly on the educational aspect versus real world application. Possibly look for a professor who recently started teaching (but clearly knows what they are talking about) or an adjuct professor. These teachers are educators, but usually still have close ties to the field outside of academia and usually are more than excited to have a student reach out for advice.

After a relationship has been cultivated you end up with more knowledge than most students, someone to keep an eye out for positions you might be right for and the best person to write you an academic letter of recommendation.

Go out and find your perfect professor, you’ll quickly see what a help it can be!


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